Jobs Accepting Interest Cards

We are accepting interest cards from prospective candidates for the following jobs. If you are interested in future openings for a listed job, please click the "I'm interested!" link.

The following NEW IT job classes are now accepting interest cards:
Information Technology Manager
IT Support Analyst I, IT Support Analyst II, IT Support Coordinator
A/V Analyst, A/V Administrator
Desktop Analyst, Desktop Engineer, Sr Desktop Engineer
Network Analyst, Network Engineer, Sr Network Engineer
Applications Analyst, GIS Analyst, Applications Developer, Senior Applications Developer
Applications Administrator, Sr Applications Administrator
IT Security Analyst, IT Security Administrator, Sr IT Security Administrator

Job Title
A/V Administrator
A/V Analyst
Accounting Associate
Accounting Manager
Administrative Aide To President
Administrative Assistant to Commissioner
Administrative Clerk
Administrative Services Manager
Administrative Specialist
Agricultural Technician I
Agricultural Technician II
Applications Administrator
Applications Analyst
Applications Developer
Aquatic Biologist
Architectural Ironworker
Architectural Ironworker Leadman
Assistant Aquatic Biologist
Assistant Attorney
Assistant Chief Operating Engineer
Assistant Civil Engineer
Assistant Electrical Engineer
Assistant Environmental Chemist
Assistant Environmental Microbiologist
Assistant Master Mechanic
Assistant Mechanical Engineer
Assistant Structural Engineer
Assistant Treasurer
Associate Aquatic Biologist
Associate Architect
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Electrical Engineer
Associate Environmental Microbiologist
Associate Mechanical Engineer
Associate Process Control Engineer
Associate Structural Engineer
Budget and Management Analyst
Budget Officer
Business Analyst
Carpenter Foreman
Carpenter Leadman
Chief Electrical Operator
Chief Operating Engineer I
Chief Operating Engineer II
Chief Power House Dispatcher I
Chief Printing Press Operator
Claims Administrator
Claims Examiner
Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Administrator
Computer Systems Administrator
Computer Systems Coordinator
Construction Claims Administrator
Contract Administrator
Database Administrator
Database Analyst
Database Analyst II
Desktop Analyst
Desktop Engineer
Director of Engineering
Director of Finance/Clerk
Director of Human Resources
Director of Information Technology
Director of Monitoring and Research
Director of Procurment and Materials Management
Diversity Administrator
Diversity Officer
Electrical Instrument/Testing Mechanic
Electrical Instrument/Testing Mechanic Foreman
Electrical Instrument/Testing Mechanic Leadman
Electrical Mechanic
Electrical Mechanic Foreman
Electrical Mechanic Sub-Foreman
Electrical Operator I
Electrical Operator II
Engineer of Site Remediation
Engineering Draftsman II
Engineering Draftsman III
Engineering Technician III
Engineering Technician IV
Engineering Technician V
Environmental Chemist
Environmental Microbiologist
Environmental Monitoring and Research Manager
Environmental Research Scientist
Environmental Research Technician
Environmental Soil Scientist
Environmental Specialist
Facilities Administrator
Financial Analyst
GIS Analyst
Graphic Artist
Head Buyer
Head Storekeeper
Hoisting Engineer
Hoisting Engineer Foreman
Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Manager
Information Technology Manager
Instrumentation Chemist
Instrumentation Chemist III
Instrumentation Chemist IV
Ironworker Foreman
IT Security Administrator
IT Security Analyst
IT Support Analyst I
IT Support Analyst II
IT Support Coordinator
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Technician II
Laborer Foreman
Legal Assistant
Machinist Foreman
Machinist Leadman
Maintenance Laborer Class A
Maintenance Laborer Class A Shift
Maintenance Laborer Class B
Managing Civil Engineer
Managing Electrical Engineer
Managing Engineer
Managing Mechanical Engineer
Managing Structural Engineer
Master Mechanic I
Master Mechanic II
Materials Handler Laborer
Motor Vehicle Dispatcher
Motor Vehicle Dispatcher Supervisor
Network Analyst
Network Engineer
Operating Engineer I
Operating Engineer II
Painter Leadman
Patrol Boat Operator
Pipefitter Foreman
Pipefitter Leadman
Plumber Foreman
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Pollution Control Technician I
Pollution Control Technician II
Powerhouse Dispatcher
Powerhouse Mechanic
Powerhouse Mechanic Leadman
Principal Architect
Principal Attorney
Principal Civil Engineer
Principal Electrical Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Environmental Scientist
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Principal Storekeeper
Principal Structural Engineer
Printing Press Operator
Project Management Office Manager
Public Affairs Specialist
Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Risk Manager
Safety Specialist
Secretary to Officer - Finance
Senior Administrative Specialist
Senior Applications Administrator
Senior Applications Developer
Senior Aquatic Biologist
Senior Architect
Senior Attorney
Senior Budget and Management Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Buyer
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Computer Systems Administrator
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Desktop Engineer
Senior Diversity Officer
Senior Electrical Engineer
Senior Engineer
Senior Environmental Chemist
Senior Environmental Microbiologist
Senior Environmental Research Scientist
Senior Environmental Research Technician
Senior Environmental Soil Scientist
Senior Environmental Specialist
Senior Human Resources Analyst
Senior IT Security Administrator
Senior Laboratory Technician
Senior Legal Assistant
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Senior Process Control Engineer
Senior Public Affairs Specialist
Senior Risk Analyst
Senior Safety Specialist
Senior Stores Specialist
Senior Structural Engineer
Senior Systems Administrator
Senior Systems Programmer
Sheet Metal Worker
Sheet Metal Worker Leadman
Site Remediation Specialist
Stores and Inventory Manager
Stores Specialst
Structural Ironworker
Structural Ironworker Leadman
Supervising Aquatic Biologist
Supervising Budget and Management Analyst
Supervising Environmental Chemist
Supervising Environmental Microbiologist
Supervising Environmental Research Scientist
Supervising Environmental Soil Scientist
Supervising Environmental Specialist
Supervising Stores Specialist
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
Systems Dispatcher
Systems Support Specialist II
Telecommunications Specialist
Treatment Plant Operator I
Treatment Plant Operator II
Treatment Plant Operator III
Truck Driver
Truck Driver Foreman