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Environmental Specialist
Under supervision, works with industry management to coordinate and conduct industrial waste surveys to determine the quantity and quality of industrial wastes discharged into the sewers and waterways within the District's jurisdiction. Conducts professional environmental work in the administration of the Sewage and Waste Control Ordinance, User Charge Ordinance and other ordinances and conducts industrial/commercial facility inspections.
Absolute Requirement: Possession of a valid driver's license. Minimum Qualification Requirements: Graduation from a four-year accredited college or university majoring in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, biology or a closely related field. Substitution: Sub-professional technical or professional experience in engineering, scientific, treatment plant operations or industrial waste activities may be substituted for the required college or university education on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years.
Absolute Requirement: Possession of a valid driver's license. Promotional Requrements: One year of service with the District as an Assistant Civil Engineer; or, possession of a bachelor's degree in an appropriate academic specialty and one year of service with the District as a Treatment Plant Operator II, Treatment Plant Operator I, Pollution Control Technician II, Pollution Control Technician I, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician II, Environmental Research Technician, Senior Environmental Research Technician, Engineering Technician V, Engineering Technician IV, Operating Engineer II, Operating Engineer I, Patrol Boat Operator, or Safety Specialist. Civil service status in one of the foregoing classes.
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