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Currently, there is one Apprentice vacancy in the Machinist trade. An Apprentice has the following responsibilities: to perform diligently and faithfully the work of the trade and other pertinent duties as assigned; to respect the property and abide by the work rules of the District; to keep work area, tools, equipment and machinery in a safe and clean condition; to maintain records of work experience and training as required; to satisfactorily complete the required instruction in subjects related to the trade; and to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will assure their safety and that of fellow workers. The term of Apprenticeship will not be less than 8,000 hours (combined classroom and work training) and may take more than four years to complete. Candidates selected for Apprentice positions will be granted a leave of absence from their current civil service classification for the term of the Apprenticeship. Candidates who successfully complete the Apprentice program will be given additional points, in an amount to be determined by the Director of Human Resources, on examinations for civil service journeyman classes in the trades. The Apprentice is an exempt classification. Candidates in this classification do not obtain civil service status as Apprentice and are employed at will.

The Apprentice pay scale consists of eight steps that are calculated at an increasing percentage of the journeyman Machinist rate. Progression through the pay scale normally takes place in six-month increments and is based on successful completion of the required course work and on-the-job work performance.

For additional information about the Machinist Apprenticeship see Apprentice Frequently Asked Questions on the reverse side of this announcement.
Civil service status in any classification at the Metropolitan Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. Graduation from high school or GED equivalent. Successful completion of tests and other selection devices the District deems appropriate. Successful completion of the post-offer ergonomic evaluation of physical strength and ability.
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